Dog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Carpet, Floors and Outdoor Surfaces

Dog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Carpet, Floors and Outdoor Surfaces

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Wondering tips on how to get rid all traces of canine urine out of your carpet, furnishings, wood flooring, concrete or tile flooring  and extra? Let’s speak concerning the steps you possibly can take to eliminate that stain and the odor of canine pee–not simply odor which you could odor but in addition that your canine can detect.

Dog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Floors, Carpets and Outdoor SurfacesDog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Floors, Carpets and Outdoor Surfaces

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Let’s face it: canine pee occur. From puppies who aren’t fairly certain the place the lavatory is to the canine who refuses to potty outside to seniors whose bladders aren’t all they was, pet urine is only a reality of life in pet households.

A canine’s nostril incorporates 300 million olfactory receptors–whereas we’ve got a scant 6 million in our human noses. What does that imply? To us, that odor of outdated canine urine could also be nothing greater than a distant reminiscence however, to a canine, it’s a billboard waving at him each time he enters the home.

Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpets and Rugs

If your canine pee drawback is to excessive, you will have to name knowledgeable carpet cleaner–however there are numerous methods to get canine urine odor out of carpet–and even dried canine pee out of carpet–by yourself earlier than calling within the professionals!

Sooner or later, it should occur: you’ll get canine pee in your carpet or rug. Whether it’s a pet accident or a senior second (or, let’s face it, you stroll it in by yourself toes), you should have a canine stain to wash off your carpet or rug.

What do do in the event you discover recent canine pee

  1. If you discover the stain whereas it’s nonetheless moist, absorb the canine pee with an outdated towel or white paper towels. Soak up all you possibly can with paper towels. Don’t rub the urine into the carpet or upholstery–that’s simply going to make your job tougher–however, as a substitute, blot and blot some extra.
  2. Vacuum away any particles, from canine fur to on a regular basis mud, round the stain.
  3. After blotting as a lot as you possibly can with a rag or paper towel and cleansing across the stain, step three is to attempt to take away even extra of the stain. Club soda, poured on the stain itself, can assist bubble up extra urine hiding within the rug pad.
  4. If you don’t have membership soda available, you possibly can soak the stain with clear, heat water then blot up the water with clear, dry towels. This helps to take away the urine in addition to any cleansing merchandise that you will have used prior to now. Blot up the liquid (once more, taking care to not rub it into the carpet however to softly blot).
  5. Rinse your towels and save them for later.
  6. Finally, place a clear, white towel (so that you don’t switch any dye from the towel onto the carpet) on the stain and weigh it down with a brick or different weight. Allow it to wick up as a lot of the liquid as it might probably in a single day.

How to get OLD canine urine odor out of carpet

And what in the event you discover a pee stain that has already dried? If you’ve been trying to find tips on how to get dried canine pee out of carpet, you’ll know that it’s a bit of completely different animal than cleansing up recent pee.

The key to cleansing an OLD canine urine odor out of the carpet is that you just’ll have to reactivate the urine earlier than you start cleansing it. (Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, however we’ve interviewed the consultants about this!)

To reactivate the urine earlier than cleansing it, use towels with clear, heat water to soak the stain and return it to a moist begin earlier than you start the cleansing course of.

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Pee

Next you’ll wish to take away–not masks–the supply of the odor of pet urine utilizing an odor eliminator product.

While the stain could also be gone to our noses, it little question stays to our pet’s tremendous robust olfactory senses—in order that’s the place the subsequent step is available in.

What to do? Don’t attain for the common carpet cleaner; you wish to take away the stain, not masks it with perfumes. If the stain and its accompanying odor isn’t completely eliminated, your canine will be capable to odor it and can return time and again.

Next, get out an enzyme cleaner; these destroy somewhat than masks the natural materials that’s inflicting the odor. Use the product in accordance with the instructions on the bottle. Most of those merchandise have little or no scent and won’t stain your carpet.

Enzyme cleaners are specifically designed to destroy somewhat than masks natural stains. These eat up and neutralize the reason for the odor; most have little or no scent. TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover –made out of vegetation so it’s protected to make use of in your pet family — doesn’t masks pet odors however removes the SOURCE of the odor, even to your canine’s delicate nostril.

No enzyme cleaner? Reach for some widespread family merchandise. Don’t use ammonia. (Urine incorporates ammonia, so the chemical will hold attracting your canine to the spot.) White vinegar is an effective odor remover; use one-quarter cup to 1 / 4 of water. Start out conservatively and add extra if wanted.

Another concept? Salt will take in recent pet urine and take away a number of the scent. (Be cautious that your canine doesn’t eat any of the salt!) The sooner you may get it on the stain, the higher.

Baking soda works nicely to take away the scent of pet urine; simply rub it right into a urine stain. Rubbing the realm with a dryer sheet may take away a number of the odor.

If you possibly can odor odors however can’t discover the stains, attempt a black gentle. Turn off all of your lights and activate the black gentle; stains will glow below the sunshine.

Of course, if the stains are too dangerous and nothing appears to assist, there’s all the time the skilled carpet cleaner. They have the heavy-duty cleansing equipment wanted to essentially dig into the stain and extract as a lot of it as attainable.

Help! My complete carpet smells like canine pee!

Does your complete carpet odor like canine pee? Then think about all of the smells your canine is selecting up…

Enzyme cleaners are specifically designed to destroy somewhat than masks natural stains. These cleansers eat up and neutralize the reason for the odor; most have little or no scent.

We use TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover –it’s made out of vegetation so it’s protected to make use of in your pet family — and it doesn’t masks pet odors however removes the SOURCE of the odor, even to your canine’s delicate nostril.

Once you’ve discovered the stain, once more, give the realm a twig with TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover. This time, nevertheless, you’ll wish to make a number of purposes of the stain remover. Spray the realm then return in an hour to re-spray the spot.

How to Find Old Dog Urine Stains

Maybe you see your canine sniffing at a spot then, on nearer inspection, you see that it’s dried urine. Or possibly you simply can’t discover the spot.

Dried canine pee is tougher to seek out than recent however a black gentle will make the duty simple.

An cheap black gentle flashlight will trigger urine stains to glow at nighttime. Wait till darkish, flip off the lights in your house–and shine the blacklight to search for purple glowing urine!

Using an extractor to take away urine from carpet

Using an extractor to remove urine from carpetUsing an extractor to remove urine from carpet

You can use an extractor to take away each recent AND outdated canine urine from carpets.

An extractor (I’ve a SpotBot Pet from Bissell) sprays water and product on the stain, scrubs it with a brush after which extracts the liquid from the carpet.

OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator is specifically formulated for pet households and can be utilized with extraction gear (which is the popular technique) or a vacuum.

With the extractor, I first extracted water from the pre-cleaned space till it was simply barely damp then I poured OdorKlenz (shake first) on the already soaked and ready stained space, unfold it deep into the carpet through the use of my fingers (you can too use a comb) to get it down into the fibers, then place a towel over the handled space and apply strain to absorb further moisture.

Leave the handled space alone for quarter-hour to let OdorKlenz do its factor then use clear water to moist extract the handled space, including clear water and repeating this step two or 3 times till all seen residue is gone.

If you don’t have an extractor, you can too use OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator along with your vacuum. You’ll pour the OdorKlenz in your pre-cleaned space, unfold it into the carpet, saturate the stain with recent water, then apply strain over the realm by standing on a towel over the stain.

Give OdorKlenz quarter-hour to work its magic, then get these rinsed towels out to absorb further water, persevering with this step a number of instances to sop up all the additional water you possibly can with a view to shorten the drying time. You may have to present it 24 hours or longer to dry then, as soon as it’s dried, vacuum up the residue.

Wood, Stone and Tile Flooring

Cork Flooring

To take away canine pee from a cork ground, first blot the stain with a clear rag dipped (then wrung out) in a detergent answer of a ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of room temperature water.

Next, blot with by a bleach answer of ½ a cup of bleach in a gallon of water; dip a material within the bleach answer, wring out the surplus and gently blot the stain.

Cork is of course antimicrobial so that you received’t want to fret concerning the odor of pet urine as a lot as you’ll with different flooring. Hooray!

Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

It’s pretty simple to wash canine pee from linoleum and vinyl flooring!

As with all surfaces, first blot up all urine you possibly can.

Next blot the stain with an all-purpose cleaner then wipe.

Is the odor lingering? HowToCleanStuff recommends scrubbing the stain with a combination of a cup of vinegar, two teaspoons of dishwashing cleaning soap (with out bleach) and a gallon of water.

How to wash plastic laminate flooring

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Laminate flooring is pretty stain resistant–however that doesn’t imply that stains and even injury aren’t attainable as a consequence of pet urine.

It’s extraordinarily vital to mop up pet urine ASAP earlier than it has an opportunity to get down into underlayment.

How to wash canine urine from tile and stone flooring

Whether you might be cleansing from limestone, marble, slate, granite, tile or concrete, first blot up as a lot of the stain as you possibly can.

Next, weblog with an answer of vinegar (1 / 4 cup of white vinegar and 1 / 4 cup of water).

To take away the odor of canine urine from a tile or stone ground, you’ll subsequent wish to apply an enzyme cleaner to interrupt down the natural compounds within the canine urine.

Wipe with a clear, damp material once you’re performed.

Cleaning Urine Stains on Outdoor Surfaces

Whether your canine received a bit of too enthusiastic on his potty break and didn’t make it to the grass–or a neighborhood canine (or cat) has been paying your private home a go to and marking your outside surfaces, you possibly can take away these urine stains as nicely. The excellent news is that usually it’s a lot simpler to take away outside urine stains–you have got the choice to hose or energy wash all the pieces!

How to eliminate the odor of canine urine from synthetic grass 

How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from artificial grass How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from artificial grass 

Artificial grass is changing into more and more well-liked in canine houses because it helps to restrict muddy paw prints in the home, yellow urine circles on the grass and ripped up patches from digging. But regardless of the advantages, extreme toiletry use on the plastic grass may cause a lingering odor within the backyard. 

Your synthetic grass does want a little bit of upkeep and care to make sure the odor of canine urine doesn’t resurface when the temperature begins to climb. The staff at WeThrift have supplied tips about neutralising and cleansing canine urine out of your pretend outside grass.

  1. Mix water and baking soda  

When your furry buddy makes use of the factitious grass as a rest room, it might probably go away some residue on the fibres inflicting the odor of canine urine to look. One simple approach to take away this odor is by mixing an answer of water or vinegar and baking soda. 

Mix the answer in a separate bowl and evenly distribute it throughout the factitious grass. Leave to soak for just a few hours and rinse totally with heat water. It’s vital to not let your pets close to the grass till it has been rinsed, if ingested the baking soda may be poisonous. 

Top Tip from Nick Drewe at WeThrift “Start by testing the  combination on a small space to ensure it received’t trigger any injury to your synthetic grass.”

  1. Use a delicate, pet-friendly disinfectant to take away any lingering odors 

Dilute your disinfectant with water, decant into a twig bottle and apply it to your pretend grass. Allow the product to set for about 5 minutes earlier than utilizing a hose to rinse away the answer. It’s vital that when utilizing a disinfectant in your synthetic grass, you discover a product that’s pet-friendly and received’t trigger any hurt to your pup if ingested and to rinse totally to guard delicate paws from irritation. 

Top Tip: Nick Drewe at WeThrift “A TikTookay pattern has surfaced of customers pouring washing up powder onto their synthetic grass, and whereas this can take away the odor, this might trigger critical well being issues in case your canine ingests it and may trigger pores and skin irritation. So keep away from utilizing this technique, as a substitute discover a cleansing product appropriate for pets, for instance, Zoflora.” 

  1. Introduce a bi-weekly cleansing schedule 

If your pet is repeatedly heading out to do their enterprise on the pretend grass, then cleansing it each week or each different week is a good suggestion to maintain on prime of it. A weekly wash doesn’t require any merchandise and may be performed utilizing an influence wash, hose or watering jug. 

Top Tip: Nick Drewe at WeThrift “Before utilizing any cleansing merchandise or water in your synthetic grass, use an out of doors brush or hoover to take away any free leaves, dust or garbage – doing so will assist make the method simpler and cut back mess.” 

  1. Use an enzymatic cleansing product 

To clear and take away the odor of canine urine from your private home and again backyard, an enzymatic cleaner is a superb answer. These cleaners comprise useful micro organism that break down the molecules present in supplies like urine, feces and meals that trigger smells and stains.

While enzyme cleaners can be utilized for all stains across the dwelling and backyard, they’re mostly discovered within the dwelling of a pet mum or dad, since they’re nice at odor-busting. 

“Enzyme cleaners work amazingly nicely at cleansing synthetic grass and eradicating the odor of canine urine, it’s because somewhat than merely protecting dangerous smells, they get rid of the odor, in contrast to most aromatic cleansing merchandise.” 

Nick Drewe at WeThrift

  1. Mix your personal citrus spray for an eco-friendly various

A easy, eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to cut back the odor of canine urine is to create a citrus spray.

Mixing 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 4 cups of water into a twig bottle and coating the factitious grass with a light-weight layer will act as a pure deterrent.

Once the spray has been utilized, let it sit and rinse with heat water to take away any leftover residue. 

  1. Create a chosen rest room space

Find part of your backyard that you’re blissful on your canine to make use of as a rest room  – guarantee that the realm is just not on the factitious grass and as a substitute on soil, stones or different pure supplies.

Start by creating a chosen space utilizing a small fence to create a fringe,  lay down some low cost dog-safe stones or wooden chips. When your canine makes use of the realm, reward with a deal with. 

Cleaning Flagstone

Do you have got a flagstone patio or walkway that your canine or a neighborhood canine has used as a urinal? Outdoor flagstone may be hosed off to take away a lot of the urine and odor however, if the odor persists, you possibly can attempt energy washing.

Also, an enzyme cleaner is usually a good answer to take away all natural compounds left by the urine that is likely to be invisible to your nostril—however not your canine’s!

Pee stains occur…it’s all simply a part of dwelling with and loving canine. We comprehend it’s a small worth to pay for all we get in return!

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Dog Pee: How to remove it from carpet and floorsDog Pee: How to remove it from carpet and floors
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