Corydoras Catfish: Care and Maintenance

Corydoras Catfish: Care and Maintenance

Catfish Corydoras is deservedly included within the prime 10 hottest aquarium fish. At the second, about 200 species of Corydoras are recognized, however descriptions of species unknown to science seem with enviable regularity, which remains to be being numbered with the Latin letter “C”.

General Information

The genus title comes from two Greek phrases “Corys” and “Doras”. The first phrase stands for “helmet” and the second for “armor”. Corydoras do certainly have a sort of armor – a number of rows of overlapping bone plates run all around the physique, permitting the catfish to defend themselves from predators.

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The fish are extraordinarily peaceable, have attention-grabbing habits, and really nicely clear the underside of the aquarium from meals residues, for which Corydoras have acquired the love and recognition of thousands and thousands of aquarists.


Corydoras Catfish are similar to one another and typically differ solely in colour. The physique of the fish is brief, the stomach is rounded, the again is convex. Several rows of bone plates stretch alongside the again, making a sort of shell within the fish. This is mirrored within the title of the household to which the Corydoras belong – Callichthyidae.

The mouth of the fish is decrease, completely tailored for consuming meals from the underside of the aquarium. A attribute function of Corydoras is three pairs of antennae situated close to the mouth opening: two pairs above the higher jaw, one pair (faintly seen) on the decrease one. They serve a number of essential features. Firstly, with their assist, catfish rummage in mushy floor seeking meals. Secondly, they function the organ of contact and permit the Corydoras to navigate via muddy waters. The pectoral fins additionally function a protecting organ because of the extraordinarily sharp rays, so when transplanting from one aquarium to a different, precautions should be taken to keep away from harm.

Corydoras coloration is extraordinarily various and is determined by the particular species. The predominant colour might be both uniform or embody spots or stripes all through the physique or in its particular person elements. You can even discover albino types – with a totally white physique and pink eyes.


Corydoras Catfish naturally inhabit the rivers of Central and South America. Fish are discovered within the basins of the Amazon, Paraguay, Orinoco rivers flowing via the biggest nations of the continent. Catfish choose silted, slow-flowing, and stagnant waters. In nature, they often cover within the dense vegetation of reservoirs, spend time continually looking for meals within the floor.


Corydoras paleatus

The most typical within the aquarium tradition Corydoras. The physique is coloured olive-gray with lots of darkish spots. The stomach has a slight pinkish-gold tint. The eyes are giant and cell. The dorsal fin is excessive. Males develop as much as 4-6 cm, females are bigger – as much as 7 cm. There are veil and albino types. With excellent care, they’ll stay in an aquarium for as much as 8-10 years.

Corydoras panda

The catfish acquired its title for its resemblance to a bamboo bear – a panda. Somik has a light-weight or pinkish predominant physique colour. Corydoras has three black spots: one extends via the eyes (like the enormous panda), the second is situated on the dorsal fin, and the third is close to the tail. The remainder of the fins are clear. Males are smaller than females. The most measurement in an aquarium is 5-6 cm.

Corydoras venezuelanus

There are two colour variations of this look – orange and black. The colour of the fish may be very attention-grabbing. The predominant physique colour of the “orange” type is rusty-orange. A big black (inexperienced) spot with a attribute turquoise tint is situated below the dorsal fin on each side. There is a shiny pink spot on the pinnacle. The species shouldn’t be giant, the common measurement is about 5 cm.

The “black” type has a chocolate-colored physique, typically nearly black, the stomach is gentle grey, and the fins are red-brown. They can develop as much as 7.5 cm.

Corydoras sterbai

It lives in slow-flowing water our bodies in Brazil and Bolivia. The physique is rounded and barely elongated, tapering in the direction of the tail. The stomach line is virtually flat. The physique colour is darkish brown, typically it may be deep black. Bright gentle spots are scattered all around the physique, forming a pearl sample, which turns into stripes behind the gills. The pelvic and pectoral fins are shiny orange or yellow, typically with a reddish tint in grownup fish. The dorsal and anal fins are clear with darkish spots. The caudal fin has a number of vertical stripes. In the aquarium, Corydoras sterbai grows as much as 6-7 cm. There is an albino type.

Corydoras pygmaeus

One of the smallest members of the genus, subsequently good for nano aquariums. The pure vary of Corydoras consists of tributaries of the Madeira River (Brazil). The physique form is elongated, the edges are lined with two rows of bone plates. The pelvic and pectoral fins are nicely developed; the latter has a spiny ray. The tail is two-lobed, there’s an adipose fin. The jaws have a number of pairs of antennae. The normal physique colour is gray-green. A black stripe stretches alongside your complete physique from the eyes to the tail, which ends in a darkish spot. Above and under the black stripes are two white ones. The fins are usually not coloured. The most measurement of a male is 2.5 cm, of a feminine – as much as 3 cm.

Corydoras aeneus

A good looking consultant of the genus, which may typically be present in newbie aquariums. It is known as the Bronze Cory. Corydoras acquired this title for its attribute bronze physique coloration. The clear fins are yellow in colour. There is an albino type. The most measurement of Corydoras aeneus in an aquarium is 7 cm (females), males are barely smaller. They choose to stay in a flock, the water is fascinating mushy, and impartial.

Corydoras julii

In nature, this species lives within the decrease reaches of the Amazon. A really colourful consultant of Corydoras. The predominant physique colour is cream or grayish. Small black specks are scattered all around the scales. A darkish stripe stretches from the gill slits to the tip of the tail, the pectoral and pelvic fins are clear, the dorsal fins have a black spot. The presence of this spot and darkish stripe is a selected function. The measurement of the aquarium is not more than 5 cm.

Care and Maintenance

Corydoras are education fish, so it’s best to have a college of 4-6 people within the aquarium. The minimal aquarium quantity for a few fish is 30 liters. Much consideration must be paid to the bottom. It shouldn’t comprise sharp edges, because the fish can injury their delicate antennae. When selecting the scale of the soil, it’s higher to deal with giant sandy or small pebble. Corydoras are very keen on swimming within the floor, and if it is rather giant, then the catfish will really feel uncomfortable. In addition, fish meals typically falls into the house between the stones, which Corydoras can’t attain, and the buildup of natural matter can result in various issues within the aquarium.

Despite the truth that in nature Corydoras Catfish are capable of stay in very turbid water, orienting themselves with the antennae close to the mouth opening, it’s higher to create good filtration and aeration within the aquarium. In case of an absence of oxygen, the fish will fairly often rise to the floor of the water and swallow a portion of the air.

Corydoras Catfish are crepuscular inhabitants. Their exercise begins at nighttime. Therefore, it’s essential to create subtle lighting within the aquarium and set up shelters wherein the Corydoras will relaxation throughout the day, for instance, synthetic grottoes or pure driftwood.

Corydoras are thought of to be one of many hardiest fish that may adapt to nearly any circumstances. The temperature for them can differ from 22-25 ° С. It is healthier to not warmth the water above this temperature, the catfish can be uncomfortable. Water is ideally mushy, much like pure circumstances, however Corydoras do nicely in very onerous water. Likewise with the pH. It shouldn’t be beneficial to permit sharp jumps in water parameters, the extra secure the setting, the higher.

Corydoras Catfish love dense thickets of dwelling vegetation, wherein they’ll cover from enemies or wait out the daylight. You can plant any species you want, the fish is not going to hurt them.


Corydoras Catfish are choosy about their meals. But it is very important do not forget that good high quality diet is the important thing to the well being and longevity of fish.

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