Can Dogs Eat Ramen Noodles? Vet Approved Facts

Can Dogs Eat Ramen Noodles? Vet Approved Facts


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the newest veterinarian analysis.

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If you’re a fan of ramen noodles and questioning whether or not you’ll be able to share a bowl along with your canine, sorry, however no. Instant ramen and genuine ramen are unhealthy for canines.

While ramen is just not instantly poisonous to canines when ingested, most of its elements are neither wholesome nor protected for them to devour, particularly long-term and in giant quantities.

In this text, we’re breaking down why you shouldn’t feed your canine ramen and what to do in the event that they unintentionally devour it.



Why Instant Ramen Is Bad for Dogs

Instant ramen is basic consolation meals. It’s low-cost, is available in numerous scrumptious flavors, and is prepared in minutes. Unfortunately, ramen is not only unhealthy for people however for canines, too1. Here are the principle explanation why on the spot ramen is unhealthy for canines:

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High Levels of Sodium

Ever surprise why on the spot ramen tastes so good for such a cheap meal? It is as a result of it’s full of sodium. For occasion, this popular instant ramen brand accommodates 830 mg of sodium per serving.

In case you didn’t know, there are sometimes TWO servings in ONE packet of on the spot ramen. So in only one packet, you’re consuming 1,660 mg of sodium—over half of the recommended daily amount for people.

While canines need sodium of their weight loss plan to take care of their fluid stability and regulate nerve and muscle operate, they want little or no of it.

Dogs ought to have a most of 15 mg of sodium per kilogram of physique weight. For a 6.5-pound Chihuahua, that’s simply 45 mg of sodium a day. A 65-pound Labrador ought to solely have 450 mg a day—ideally, a lot much less. Most pet food manufacturers already embrace the correct quantity of sodium, so there’s no want to present them any outdoors of their common kibble.

Eating on the spot ramen would put your pup manner over their day by day sodium allowance. Too a lot salt can result in serious health issues like dehydration, coronary heart issues, electrolyte imbalances, and vomiting. In extreme circumstances, it might probably result in hypernatremia in canines, a life-threatening situation attributable to a excessive focus of sodium within the bloodstream.

Unsafe Seasonings

The seasonings added to on the spot ramen are additionally unhealthy in your pup. Most of those seasonings comprise excessive quantities of MSG, garlic, and onion—all of which can be toxic to dogs.

The MSG element is very regarding, because it has been linked to neurological issues in dogs. Ingesting a major quantity of MSG could cause extreme pleasure, restlessness, melancholy, disorientation, and convulsions in canines.

Some ramen varieties additionally comprise seasoning oils. These oils can upset your pup’s digestion, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Unhealthy Carbs & Empty Calories

Instant ramen could also be filling, nevertheless it’s undoubtedly not a well being meals. The noodle blocks are normally made from refined flour, salt, and oil. Dehydrating the noodles (to make them “on the spot” and provides them an extended shelf life) includes frying them in oil and eradicating the moisture. This causes the calorie content material to skyrocket and in addition makes it tough in your pup to digest them.

The carbs in ramen noodles are additionally unhealthy. Refined flours have been stripped of most of their fiber and nutrient content material. Consuming too many of those unhealthy carbs can result in weight acquire and different well being issues in canines.

This is why it’s unhealthy for canines to eat plain or uncooked ramen as nicely.

Allergy Trigger

There are tons of potential allergens in on the spot ramen, resembling soy and wheat. If your pup is delicate to those elements, consuming only a small quantity can result in abdomen points, pores and skin reactions, and in extreme uncommon circumstances, even anaphylaxis.

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How About Authentic Ramen?

Authentic ramen (the type you will get in Japanese eating places) has higher taste and makes use of higher-quality elements. Still, preserve this human meals to your self.

That wonderful ramen broth is simply too salty, fatty, and wealthy for canines. Similar to on the spot ramen flavoring, it additionally accommodates elements which are poisonous to canines like onions and garlic. And whereas the noodles are definitely brisker, they’re made with the identical fundamental elements that canines shouldn’t eat: wheat flour, oil, water, salt, and a fast dip in alkaline water to present it that signature chewiness.

My Dog Accidentally Ate Ramen! What Should I Do?

Ramen is extremely unhealthy for canines, nevertheless it’s not the top of the world in the event that they eat a bit. If your canine is in any other case wholesome, they’re possible not going to undergo any ailing results.

At most, they might have diarrhea and develop into further thirsty because of the saltiness of ramen. Simply observe them for indicators of misery like lethargy, vomiting, allergic reactions, or urge for food loss. If their signs persist or worsen, contact your vet instantly.

Beyond that, simply make sure that to maintain the bowl away from their attain subsequent time.




Ramen could be a handy snack or meal to have round the home, nevertheless it doesn’t belong in your dog’s diet. From the insane salt content material to the potential allergens, unsafe seasonings, and customarily unhealthy elements, it’s simply unhealthy information throughout in your pup.

Accidents do occur, so in case your artful canine does handle to slurp down some ramen, be careful for any destructive results. But normally, you’ve bought nothing to fret about, and simply bear in mind to be extra vigilant subsequent time you take pleasure in a bowl.

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