Can Dogs Eat Cicadas? Vet-Reviewed Health Concerns

Can Dogs Eat Cicadas? Vet-Reviewed Health Concerns


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The info is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent veterinarian analysis.

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If cicadas have began their emergence in your space, you might be involved about extra than simply their high-pitched sound. These flying bugs may be irresistible to some canine, and as a pet mum or dad, you might surprise if ingesting one among these may be dangerous to your pooch.

Thankfully, cicadas are usually not poisonous, in order that they shouldn’t trigger many points in your curious pooch. However, you definitely shouldn’t encourage the habits, as they could trigger digestive upset in giant numbers or in canine with delicate digestion.

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Can Cicadas Be Harmful to Dogs?

Since cicadas don’t sting or chunk, and are usually not poisonous, it’s comparatively protected in your canine to munch on a number of right here and there. It is pure habits for our curious doggos to eat the occasional insect while out and about. On the flip facet, whereas it’s true that these flying bugs gained’t sting or chunk your pooch, consuming too many may cause gastrointestinal upset and they also shouldn’t be inspired to eat them.

Eating one or two cicadas (relying in your canine’s dimension) shouldn’t trigger issues, however because of the crunchy, indigestible exoskeleton, consuming too many can result in nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In excessive instances, gastrointestinal upset can lead to dehydration and the necessity for veterinary therapy.

Cicadas are sometimes too quite a few to make pesticides efficient, resulting in their unusual use. Although the potential for your pet consuming cicadas handled with pesticides is unlikely, it’s nonetheless one thing to bear in mind.

While it might be uncommon, it’s attainable {that a} canine might have an allergic response to consuming cicadas. If you discover any swelling of the face, legs, or tongue, take your pooch to a vet immediately. Allergies also can present up as hives-lumpy, itchy pores and skin, extreme drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you have got any issues in your pet’s well being contact your veterinary clinic for recommendation.

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How Often Do Cicadas Emerge?

Typically, cicadas seem each 2–5 years, relying on the species, however their cycles can differ. However, what are generally known as periodical cicadas solely seem each 13–17 years, and after they do emerge, there may be thousands and thousands of them per sq. acre. The cicada cycle can final for as much as 6 weeks, after which they’ll be gone once more for as much as 17 years whereas they’re within the nymph section. That mentioned, cicadas can come a bit earlier or later than predicted.

The spring of 2024 was an enormous time for cicadas, with two broods, the Great Southern Brood and the Northern Illinois Brood, predicted to emerge on the similar time. Luckily, this mixed emergence solely occurs round each 221 years! This affected primarily the Midwest and Southeastern states with an overlap of the 2 broods in Illinois. During an incidence like this, it’s vital to regulate your pooch to ensure they aren’t gobbling up too many of those crunchy winged bugs.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

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Of course, retaining your canine away from cicadas is less complicated mentioned than completed, particularly if you happen to’re in an space the place plenty of them are set to emerge. While gentle abdomen upset is the most certainly consequence, it will probably probably be extra critical for smaller canine who eat too many. Although unlikely, the onerous exoskeletons may even trigger a gastro-intestinal blockage.

If your canine has munched on cicadas and also you discover indicators like listlessness, nausea/vomiting, or diarrhea, it’s a good suggestion to pay a go to to the vet.

Since these bugs are inclined to hatch in mature timber, attempt retaining your canine away from the areas surrounding these timber.

Offering your canine different shops for his or her searching and munching instincts might assist to cut back the variety of cicadas they’re concerned with catching. Playing with tug toys, flirt poles, and a superb quaint recreation of fetch a number of instances a day will assist maintain them busy. To maintain their minds occupied attempt puzzles, sluggish feeders or snuffle mats.

Keep your dog on a leash through the walks so you may information them away from these attention-grabbing bugs. It might even be vital for some persistent pooches to put on a muzzle when out and about to cease them from catching and consuming too many cicadas.

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Cicadas are usually not poisonous and gained’t trigger any critical hurt to canine if one or two are ingested. However, consuming too many may cause gastrointestinal upset, so it’s finest to maintain your pooch away from them the place attainable.

If your canine has ingested a large number of these bugs, regulate them for indicators of discomfort, and if you happen to discover any drooling, vomiting, or listlessness, a go to to a vet could also be so as.

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