Can Dehydration Cause Seizures in Dogs? (Vet Answer)

Can Dehydration Cause Seizures in Dogs? (Vet Answer)


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How involved ought to we be about dehydration in canine? Can it trigger neurological points equivalent to seizures? Thankfully, dehydration is an unusual reason for seizures in canine. The foremost scenario through which vets observe dehydration and seizures collectively is warmth stroke. However, in episodes of warmth stroke, there are different extreme inside or metabolic derangements which may be inflicting the seizures.

Seizures are attributable to speedy and irregular electrical firing within the mind, leading to what’s colloquially known as a “match”. While epilepsy is among the extra frequent causes of seizures in canine, there’s a lengthy record of different issues that may set off seizures.



Dehydration and Seizures in Dogs

Dehydration alone is a uncommon reason for seizures in canine. Most vets would agree that if a canine is consuming and ingesting much less, and turns into dehydrated, that is most unlikely to trigger seizures. In idea, the elevated sodium ranges that happen attributable to dehydration may cause modifications within the mind that result in seizures. In apply, nonetheless, canine have to be extraordinarily dehydrated for this to happen, and most of the people have intervened or sought veterinary consideration earlier than the scenario will get this dangerous.

One occasion the place dehydration and seizures happen collectively is warmth stress or heatstroke. However, canine struggling heatstroke even have a really excessive physique temperature (hyperthermia) and may endure organ failure; that is extra more likely to trigger seizures than dehydration.

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My Dog Isn’t Drinking – Should I Be Worried About Seizures?

If your canine is ingesting lower than traditional, it’s best to search veterinary consideration. Reduced thirst is an indication of various ailments, together with ache or discomfort, gastroenteritis, kidney illness, and lots of extra. Reduced thirst is just not attribute of anyone drawback. However, you don’t must be too involved about dehydration inflicting your canine to have a seizure until your canine is understood to have a previous seizure dysfunction.

If your canine has had seizures earlier than, attributable to a situation equivalent to epilepsy, it’s value being extra alert to modifications of their thirst and urge for food. Any different ailments, stresses, or modifications can decrease the “seizure threshold”, resulting in the recurrence of seizures.

What Are the Signs of Dehydration in Dogs?

  • Reduced thirst
  • Reduced urge for food
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry gums
  • Panting
  • Weakness/lethargy
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What Are the Signs of Seizures in Dogs?

Most folks will know a generalized or grand mal seizure after they see one. However, partial seizures or petit mal seizures also can happen, and these will be much less apparent.

  • Wobbliness
  • Collapse
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle spasm
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Foaming on the mouth
  • Loss of bladder/bowel management

What Triggers Seizures in Dogs?

There are quite a few causes of seizures in canine. One of the commonest causes of seizures in dogs is epilepsy, also called idiopathic epilepsy. The phrase “idiopathic” implies that no trigger has been recognized. This is a congenital or hereditary seizure dysfunction that typically begins at a younger age. Another comparatively frequent reason for seizures is toxins; in different phrases, canine consuming one thing they shouldn’t. Chocolate, synthetic sweeteners, snail bait, illicit medication, and antifreeze can all trigger seizures in canine.

Finally, auto-immune ailments, infections, and tumors that have an effect on the mind can result in seizures.

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How Can I Get My Dog to Drink More?

As we talked about, in case your canine is just not ingesting, it’s at all times value getting her or him checked by a veterinarian. A radical bodily examination and a few fundamental diagnostic checks might clarify why your canine’s thirst is lowered. If you do need your canine to drink extra, take into account these choices:

  • Ensure water is contemporary and clear
  • Add ice cubes to their water
  • Add water to their meals
  • Praise them and provide treats after they drink
  • Place an extra water bowl in the home
  • Ensure they’re getting enough train




There are many causes of each dehydration and seizures in dogs. In the overwhelming majority of circumstances, dehydration won’t trigger seizures. However, excessive dehydration leading to electrolyte imbalances, or extreme warmth stroke with organ failure, are two examples of dehydration and seizures occurring collectively.

When canine are effectively, they are going to drink when they’re thirsty. Many canine which are unwell will drink much less because of their malaise. If your canine is ingesting much less, consuming much less, or has displayed signs that resemble a seizure, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

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