Advice on Caring for an Older Cat

Advice on Caring for an Older Cat

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As cats age they want a bit of additional care and a focus to make sure they continue to be blissful and wholesome. Cats are thought-about aged once they attain round eleven years previous however many will go on till they’re of their late teenagers and early twenties. In truth the oldest reported cat reached the grand previous age of 28[i].

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As cats age you’ll discover their exercise ranges drop they usually sleep extra. This can result in decreased muscle tone and urge for food. Their coat may additionally change and as older cats can’t groom themselves as successfully as they as soon as did they might expertise hair matting and irritation.

Their imaginative and prescient and listening to may additionally decline and bowel and urinary system features could change. Older cats also can get age-related diseases corresponding to diabetes and arthritis, plus their behaviour could alter. They could change into extra grumpy or vocal than traditional.

However for a lot of older cats you’ll simply discover them slowing down a bit and spending extra time at dwelling and fewer time roaming outdoors. This could be a nice time for cat and proprietor and so long as you regulate any modifications or indicators they might be in ache then they’ll proceed residing a contented life.

Sometimes older cats may want a bit additional assist round the home. For occasion, a cat that finds it might’t leap as much as a few of the locations it as soon as did might be constructed a bit ladder or have some containers put near act as steps as much as their favorite spot.  This means they’ll proceed having fun with searching the window or hiding on high of a cabinet watching over everybody.

If you discover your cat spends extra time upstairs make sure you put contemporary water in a number of areas, upstairs and downstairs in order that they at all times have quick access to a drink. Smaller meals fed little and infrequently may additionally go well with an older cat higher than one large meal.

Sometimes if a cat seems to go off their favorite meals it might be their sense of odor has declined. Heating the meals up a bit can improve the odor, encouraging the cat to eat. However at all times get them checked out by a vet in the event that they lose their urge for food for quite a lot of days.

Below are some suggestions for caring for an older cat which might be helpful for each pet house owners and homesitters taking care of different individuals’s cats:

Monitor urge for food modifications and water consumption

Know what’s regular in your cat and word any modifications. Cats take in meals much less successfully once they age so they’ll typically eat a bit extra however not present any weight acquire. However if they seem to not be consuming very a lot or an excessive amount of it could be an indication one thing is unsuitable. Getting them checked out by a vet is beneficial.

The identical with water – look out for any modifications. For occasion elevated consuming or consuming from locations corresponding to ponds and dripping faucets once they by no means used to earlier than might be an indication one thing is unsuitable and a visit to the vet is required.

Be cautious grooming

Most cats are fairly good groomers however as they age they will not be as thorough as they as soon as have been. Longer haired cats particularly may have a bit of additional assist grooming, however ensure you are mild as they might be extra delicate than they as soon as have been. Keep a watch on their claws too. As cats become older they might not put on these down by scratching as they as soon as did so could have to be minimize sometimes.

Look out for lumps and bumps

It’s vital to maintain a watch out for any new lumps and bumps. Regular stroking and grooming is one of the best ways to do that. Become aware of what’s regular and what’s not in order that you’ll discover any modifications {that a} vet may have to try. For individuals utilizing homesitters to take care of their cats and houses once they go away, ensure you temporary your homesitter on what’s regular too to allow them to preserve a test while you’re away.

Litter trays

Provide a few litter trays, upstairs and downstairs, so your cat doesn’t need to journey too far. Even cats which might be nonetheless toileting outdoors could generally like the choice, particularly when it’s chilly and moist to make use of a litter tray as a substitute. Make positive these are sufficiently big for them to maneuver round simply and simple for them to get out and in of.

Playing with an older cat

Remember simply because the cat is getting older doesn’t imply they received’t nonetheless wish to play, albeit for a shorter time than once they have been youthful. Play with them with their favorite toy or introduce some new ones and see which seize their consideration. Playtime is nice for his or her psychological stimulation and ought to be continued recurrently for so long as the cat enjoys it.

Stick to a routine

Cats like to stay to a well-recognized routine so so far as attainable don’t make any large modifications corresponding to transferring home or introducing one other pet when they’re aged. Keeping the house aware of furnishings in the identical place can be reassuring, particularly if a cat is shedding its sight. Be aware too that going out and leaving them alone for lengthy intervals may additionally change into extra distressing as a cat will get older.

Consider utilizing a Homesitter

It could also be value utilizing a house and pet sitter whenever you go on vacation. Even in case your cat is used to going to a cattery, the expertise of being away from dwelling continues to be hectic. For an older cat this may be much more so. It could also be kinder to your cat to make use of a homesitter to come back and take care of them in their very own dwelling.

Cats like a well-recognized surroundings and routine which is much more vital if the cat has diminished sight and listening to. Older cats may additionally be on treatment or want common injections – which many homesitters are blissful to do.

If you will have an aged cat you want taking care of whenever you go away and also you’d like to search out out extra about using a homesitter go to

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The publish Advice on Caring for an Older Cat appeared first on Katzenworld.

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