6 Ways to Change Your Dog’s Behavior

6 Ways to Change Your Dog’s Behavior

From pulling on the leash to barking an excessive amount of, our canine generally interact in behaviors we don’t need. Here are six easy methods to alter these behaviors and obtain a contented, well-adjusted canine.

Does your canine continuously bounce up on folks? Does she pull on the leash, bark excessively, or ignore you if you name her? Take coronary heart! She’s not intentionally making an attempt to bother you. Know that good conduct and a extra harmonious relationship between you and your canine are nearer than you assume. This article options six straightforward ideas that can assist you overcome these undesirable behaviors in your greatest buddy.


Your canine isn’t misbehaving as a result of he’s naughty, vengeful, or making an attempt to be dominant. He’s simply behaving like a canine and doing his degree greatest to determine dwell in a human world. Trying to see the world from his perspective will provide help to perceive him higher, and lay the muse for profitable coaching.

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  • Discover what motivates your canine to do what he does. Interaction, leisure, or simply getting out of a worrying scenario are all motivators for canine.
  • Set your canine up for fulfillment by practising desired behaviors in a non-distracting setting.
  • Communicate clearly, utilizing apparent bodily cues and hand alerts.
  • Always be affected person, sort, reliable and constant.


Setting your canine as much as do one thing you don’t need, then correcting her when she does it, is unfair. It’s additionally not an environment friendly technique to practice. It’s not exhausting to see why: think about making an attempt to discover ways to dwell with a overseas species after they verbally or bodily reprimand you each time you make a mistake.

Dogs are doers. This means your canine’s mind can’t assimilate the idea of “don’t do this”. Instead, they study to affiliate sure environmental cues with performing a conduct. In different phrases, if you say (or shout) “no!” at your canine, she doesn’t assume: “I’m gonna cease barking/leaping/pulling and so forth.” She may interrupt the conduct momentarily to cease and assess the scenario, since you’re performing a bit bizarre and frowny after you stated “no”. But to her, “no” is only a sound people make after they get excited, so how can she know exactly what conduct you might be referring to? Instead, it’s essential establish the environmental cue that causes the conduct, then assist her develop a behavior of responding to that cue with a unique conduct.


If you need your canine to cease a conduct you don’t like, you’ll want to show him what to do as an alternative. For instance, in case your canine jumps up on company, the primary conduct purpose is for him to maintain all 4 paws on the ground. To make it straightforward for him, begin exhibiting that holding 4 paws on the ground round acquainted folks brings treats and interplay. After he has that down pat, you may follow 4 paws on the ground with company.


A conduct plan is a type of roadmap. It defines the conduct you need your canine to study, in addition to the way you’ll get there. Your plan ought to embody the next parts:

  • A conduct purpose (as described above): Make the purpose conduct as bodily easy and simple to grasp as doable. You can establish and notice down progressive steps towards that purpose.
  • A administration plan: How will you forestall your canine from practising undesirable behaviors? What administration instruments will you employ?
  • Reinforcers: Which reinforcers (e.g. treats, reward) will actually inspire your canine? What will you employ and when?
  • Schedule: When and the way typically will you’re employed together with your canine to show him new expertise? It’s a good suggestion to coach in a number of, quick periods all through the day for optimum profit.


Use conduct administration to stop undesirable conduct till your canine achieves the purpose conduct 100% of the time. Dogs will repeat any conduct that works for them, and the extra they repeat it, the extra ingrained it turns into. So through the coaching interval, keep away from placing your canine into conditions the place you already know she’s more likely to behave poorly; it’s important to do all you may to stop any conduct you don’t need throughout this time. Don’t fear — you may reintroduce the triggering environmental cue after she solidly learns the purpose conduct in its absence. Be positive to reintroduce it progressively, at progressively difficult ranges, till your canine at all times performs the brand new conduct when the environmental cue is current. Practice makes good.


Dogs do what they do to get what they need. A reward might be something that motivates your canine to do one thing. These rewards turn into behavioral reinforcers when he realizes that he’ll get a reward when he performs a sure conduct.

From a canine’s perspective, the entire world is stuffed with potential behavioral reinforcers, and so they don’t at all times come from you (a minimum of not deliberately). Below is an inventory of some rewards that may reinforce your canine’s conduct. Obviously, a few of these aren’t very handy for coaching your canine to do what you need. However, figuring out the reward that’s reinforcing a conduct means that you can forestall your canine from getting it, a minimum of till he does what you need him to do.

  • Food
  • Interactions with folks or different canine
  • Chasing a squirrel or ball
  • Being chased
  • Rolling in pungent issues
  • Opportunities to smell

Use Extra Tasty Food as a Reward

Food is probably the most handy and highly effective reinforcer you should utilize when coaching your canine. It can work like magic at constructing constructive associations and conditioned conduct patterns.

But there’s a catch: food rewards should be higher than anything the canine may reinforce herself with — resembling that smelly rubbish or the rabbit working throughout the yard.

Every canine has a unique concept of what’s tasty, however almost each canine might be extremely motivated by small, comfortable, moist, delicious-smelling treats. Bits of lean cooked meat, or refrigerated pet food reduce into ⅛” items, are irresistible to most canine. Part of their enchantment is novelty, so save these particular treats for if you’re working together with your canine’s conduct objectives. The much less savory dried treats and biscuits can be utilized for rewarding methods, and for these “simply since you’re doggy” conditions

If your canine is behaving in methods you’re sad with, remind your self that he’s not doing it as a result of he’s mad at you or intentionally performing out. He’s simply being a canine. By following the steps on this article, you may put an finish to the undesirable behaviors by instructing your canine what to do as an alternative.

Lynne Fedorick, CPDT-KA is an expert author and has been an expert canine coach since 1995. When she is not serving to canine and people perceive one another, Lynne is sleuthing out the most recent in canine conduct info or practising acrobatic methods for her personal performing trick canine.

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