5 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

5 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

5 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions


5 frequent canine habits issues and options will enable you elevate a pup or take care of your grownup canine!
Dogs exhibit a spread of fascinating habits. Sometimes, it’s enjoyable to observe them do their issues. But there are occasions when their habits can turn into regarding. For instance, after they growl excessively at a visitor we’ve simply invited over. It’s form of embarrassing. No?

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Well, on this publish, we’re going to handle simply that. We’ll look into the 5 most typical canine habits issues, in addition to some efficient options for every. Let’s dive in!

excessive barking

Excessive Barking

1. Excessive Barking

A wholesome and well-tamed canine barks roughly 40 – 100 occasions a day. And they bark at 80 – 100 dB. Obviously, you’re not measuring the sound with acceptable instruments. So, think about the affect of this sound to be louder than people shouting (yep, residing with a canine means a loud atmosphere – except you go for a quieter breed).

The query right here is: how do you determine extreme barking in your canine? Or how a lot barking is an excessive amount of?

Well, the only reply to the query could be: if you happen to’ve been residing along with your canine for a couple of months or years, you’d be aware of its barking sample. So, if the canine exceeds its traditional length, frequency, or quantity of barking, you’ll be able to depend it as extreme barking. 

However, if you happen to’ve simply adopted your pup, we suggest searching for the next indicators (together with barking):

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Trembling
  • Dilated pupils
  • Lowered ears
  • Tucked tail

These bodily indicators point out that your canine is barking abnormally and excessively. Hence, you ought to handle the scenario instantly. 


Before you head to any resolution, take your canine to the vet and be sure that the canine is medically match. If your canine’s checkup goes all optimistic and profitable, search for triggers in your canine’s environment. Pay consideration to the conditions, folks, and issues that set off the extreme barking and check out eliminating them to attenuate the barking.

At occasions, canine additionally bark excessively when they’re bored or pissed off. If you don’t discover any set off within the atmosphere, boredom might be the case. Engage your canine in mentally stimulating actions in addition to out of doors bodily actions. Lastly, practice your canine to take heed to ‘quiet’ and ‘sit down’ instructions.



2. Aggression

Some breeds are naturally aggressive, similar to Bull Terrier, Siberian Husky, and Bullmastiff. They could exhibit aggressive habits like snarling, growling, exhibiting tooth, lunging, and biting on the slightest of threats of their atmosphere. It’s vital to coach these canine correctly and maintain them away from kids, aged, and weak people.

However, some canine could exhibit indicators of aggression because of some exterior or underlying problem. Identify this problem by learning your canine’s habits. Usually, canine develop and exhibit aggression when:

  • They are guarding territory, and a international object or topic enters their territory.
  • They are possessive of their private belongings like toys, and another canine tries to take them.
  • They really feel threatened or sense hazard.


Aggression is a major problem and it’s important to hunt a direct resolution. Consult a vet, and so they’ll suggest some soothing practices and drugs. Alternatively, you’ll be able to add 2-3 drops of CBD oil from CBD Oil Ireland to your canine’s meals often. It helps calm their nerves and tackles aggression successfully. If you discover that your canine will get aggressive too regularly, we suggest including CBD oil to its weight-reduction plan no less than 2-3 occasions per week. 

Plus, take your canine out and have interaction them in bodily exercise. Make this a routine. Interaction with different canine will reduce aggression spells. 


3. Chewing

Chewing is a wonderfully regular exercise for canine. Both wild and home canine spend hours chewing bones to maintain their jaws sturdy.

However, chewing turns into harmful whenever you see injury to your furnishings or full destruction of its toys. You may additionally discover your canine’s gums turn into purple or have accidents in its mouth. Destructive chewing may result in the ingestion of inedible objects by the canine.

If you’re questioning concerning the cause for extreme chewing, it’s often due to boredom, extra power, teething stage, anxiety, and even curiosity.


This canine habits downside is fairly simple to resolve. Provide your canine with acceptable chewing toys. And if you happen to discover it chewing on the mistaken factor, distract it for a minute or two and substitute it with a chewing toy. If the canine has already broken itself not directly because of harmful chewing, take it to the vet!

dogs digging

4. Digging

Most canine have an instinctual behavior of digging, notably searching canine. However, if you happen to discover your canine doing any of the next, then know that your canine is exhibiting indicators of harmful digging:

  • Digging in inappropriate locations like flower beds, potted crops, or garden.
  • Digging intensive and deep holes (i.e., large enough to bury their toys)
  • Long periods of digging
  • Immediate digging after being scolded
  • Less aware of distractions throughout their digging periods
  • Constantly having grime on their fur


Provide a devoted digging space in your canine, like a sandbox. Train your canine to dig into it solely. It’s additionally a good suggestion to extend the share of bodily actions in your canine’s routine. It occupies them and retains them a protected distance away from harmful habits. Plus, strive inserting deterrents on their traditional digging spots, like rocks, rooster wire, or citrus scents.

Chasing Other Dogs

Chasing Other Dogs

5. Chasing Other Dogs

If canine are taking part in, it’ll be seen. But in case your canine is chasing one other canine owing to its predatory instincts, there’s no means you can ignore it. You’d see your canine chasing the opposite whereas snarling, lunging, and snapping. The canine being chased will clearly exhibit indicators of stress and worry.

If you don’t tackle this problem well timed, your canine’s aggression could construct, and it might even damage the opposite canine. And if the fights get violent, both of the 2 canine could lose their life.


Since it is a very severe canine habits problem, we extremely suggest consulting a vet. In case, it seems to be a results of poor coaching, redo your coaching drills along with your canine and spend extra time with it. At occasions, canine develop aggressive chasing behaviors owing to the shortage of consideration and love. Also, ensure you take your canine out with a leash.

Final Words

We hope this publish helped you determine behavioral issues in your canine and bridged the hole between you and efficient options. Feel free to share how issues prove when you implement the options given above!

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