10 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Humans (With Dog Bite Statistics)

10 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Humans (With Dog Bite Statistics)

It’s not on daily basis that you just get bit by a canine, however this stuff do occur every now and then, and many individuals fear about which breeds are probably the most harmful. Before we dive into our checklist of among the breeds which can be most definitely to chew a human, we wish to state that almost all canine don’t are usually aggressive and deadly bites are extraordinarily uncommon. Keep in thoughts that, as a rule, a canine’s aggression is a mirrored image of their coaching, therapy, or concern fairly than their personalities. Still, having this info is useful and will maintain you protected in the event you ever encounter a canine that makes you are feeling uncomfortable or in peril.

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The 10 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Humans Are:

1. Rottweiler

agressive rottweiler dog biting stick
Image Credit: Elzloy, Shutterstock

Rottweilers are massive, sturdy canine who have been bred to be cattle dogs. Over the years, their highly effective jaws and protecting instincts have made them one of many canine which can be most likely to bite a human. However, different research present that, whereas they’re extra more likely to chew, that doesn’t essentially imply that they’re probably the most aggressive. In common, Rottweilers are well-behaved and social with the right coaching.

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2. Chihuahua

chihuahua scared
Image Credit: Pixabay

Believe it or not, Chihuahuas are literally among the most aggressive dog breeds. People typically overlook a chew from a Chihuahua as a result of their small dimension causes minimal injury in comparison with bigger breeds. How do you assume that they bought the nickname “ankle biter” in the event that they didn’t have a foul behavior of biting individuals?

3. Cocker Spaniel

English cocker spaniel
Image Credit: Labrador Photo Video, Shutterstock

The final canine that anybody would anticipate to be a biter is a Cocker Spaniel. People are so fast to imagine that Pit Bulls are aggressive and bite the most individuals, however they one way or the other overlook different breeds simply because they’re in style household and dealing canine. Cocker Spaniels could also be cute, however they get simply upset and gained’t hesitate to chew or assault in the event that they really feel genuinely threatened.

4. Tosa Inu

Tosa inu male dog closeup
Image Credit: acceptphoto, Shutterstock

The Tosa Inu is a huge breed that has been banned in nations like Malaysia, New Zealand, and the U.Okay. Trust us, these bans don’t simply occur for any purpose. While most of those canine are pleasant, many individuals concern them as a result of they’re so massive and powerful and their bites are extremely painful.

5. German Shepherd

german shepherd dog biting on training
Image Credit: V_Lisovoy, Shutterstock

Is it any shock that the German Shepherd made the checklist? You watch these highly effective canine take down harmful criminals and shield their households in any respect prices. These canine have been bred to be guard canine, and so they aren’t afraid to chew somebody to defend themselves or their households. Proper coaching is essential for these animals as a result of they may mistake any stranger on the road as a menace.

6. Terriers

Wire Fox Terrier hunting
Image Credit: TSViPhoto, Shutterstock

Terriers have been used traditionally for searching rodents and different small vermin, however additionally they have notoriously feisty temperaments. Their primal intuition is to chew their prey, and generally that very same intuition can take over with people. Children are the most definitely to get bit by these canine as a result of they’ve a brief fuse and antagonizing them might set them off.

7. Pit Bulls (and Other Similar Breeds)

A brown American Pitbull standing on the road
Image Credit: KruBeer Photo, Shutterstock

Let us begin by saying that there’s a lot of misinformation on the market about Pit Bulls and the way doubtless they’re to chew. This breed has a significant stigma towards them, and it’s all due to how the media has portrayed them. Many managed research have proven that true Pit Bulls do not tend to be dangerous canine. With that mentioned, the statistics out there are wildly inaccurate as a result of different breeds that carefully resemble the Pit Bull all get lumped right into a single class. Even if a wholly totally different breed, akin to a Staffordshire Terrier, have been to chew a human, it could most definitely get reported as a Pit Bull assault. Again, it’s Pit Bull-type canine which can be concerned in assaults and never truly Pit Bulls themselves.

8. Bullmastiff

Image Credit: BORINA OLGA, Shutterstock

This is one other big, muscular dog that may go from charming and well-behaved one minute to growling and biting the following. Dog bites from this breed can get nasty pretty rapidly. Plus, their great weight could cause much more injury.

9. Siberian Husky

Siberian husky running in the yard
Image By: LynetteC, Pixabay

Siberian Huskies are energetic and loving, however their temperament is wildly unpredictable. They have even been identified to maul individuals as a substitute of simply biting them. Even worse, a lot of their assaults are towards kids. It is vital to oversee youngsters when interacting with any canine breed, although; not simply Siberian Huskies.

10. Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terrier angry
Image By: Bonsales, Shutterstock

What is it about small dogs and their aggression? The Jack Russell is one other breed that was bred to hunt rodents and vermin. Even although their genetics inform them to assault small prey, there are occasions when bigger animals and people might be their goal. These canine have a whole lot of power. Without correct coaching, they’re extra more likely to act out and will doubtlessly chew people.



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There actually isn’t any purpose to concern canine simply due to the breed that they’re. If a canine goes to assault you, there are lots of underlying components for that habits, most of which don’t have anything to truly do with the breed itself. If you ever really feel you might be in peril of getting bit, attempt to stay calm and separate your self if attainable.

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