6, October 2015

How To Find Your ‘Silly-ness’

What’s your Pet-Syclopedia


Yes we all have a pet-syclopedia.. a silliness (silly-ness) that is Unique to us. We all have a genius inside. we just have to find it.

How to find or what is, our purpose, is probably a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives… normally in midlife or later.

However the earlier in our lives that we become self-aware enough to ask that question, i believe the better off we are.

I became aware of this question during the beginning of my journey of entrepreneurship and i believe the very act of pursuing the entrepreneur path helps us answer this question.

We can meander through life in ‘re-action’ mode OR we can be pro-active and drive our life to a destination of our choice. If we are ‘reacting’ to circumstances we will never be in control to where we are going or where we end up.

Every living person experiences circumstances that are negative, hurtful, damaging etc, but it is how the individual responds to these circumstances that determines his or her, happiness, joy, “success” and indeed destiny.

Develop Your Entrepreneurship

I believe everyone is an entrepreneur in different degrees. Everyone is navigating through life and making decisions which can propel, stagnate or back-slide our success. (definition of success differs for everyone)

Even if we are an employee.. we have the choice to quit,try harder to learn and grow and that is what all typical entrepreneurs do.

So let’s learn from some masters how to evolve, learn and grow ON PURPOSE rather than through re-action..

We can all do this with no financial cost at this link HERE.

Be warned… Being an entrepreneur ON PURPOSE is HARD.Why? because it means we HAVE TO get out of what is commonly known as our comfort zone…

It is a life of adventure, discovery and FUN.. well that is just me. YOU could look at it has hard work,drudgery, something to bear while waiting to ‘arrive’.

A word of warning. If you take the latter approach you may burn out pretty quickly.In fact, ATTITUDE is probably the most important area to improve on first and foremost.

So, lets take a look at that first:

ATTITUDE: syclopedia

First check out this you tube video –
My advice would be to develop a healthy attitude as you start your entrepreneurship training.

How you react to circumstances is so important in your rate of success.

You must also know and believe that you do have uniqueness, a talent inside of you that very few people have. Now you may immediately start to say .. there is nothing special about me… well did you know there are 100,000’s of people worse off than you and that is just a start.
Stop thinking you have to be famous or a super genius to have success… NO… maybe your talent is one or more of the following:

  • Flexibility – you can shift focus and never miss a beat great for multi tasking. Great PA’s need this ability
  • Persistent – a great success trait
  • Determination – never giving up is a positive even if you have used this as a negative in the past.. In the negative form this is called stubbornness. Just flip it over and use this to your advantage.
  • Your Smile: maybe your smile can light up a room
  • Your sense of humour: maybe you can make others smile or laugh

Take all the positives and have an attitude of gratitude for these attributes … then start the entrepreneur course. Please know that there is NO financial benefit for me if you choose this course. It’s f.ree.

I hope this post has helped. If you would like to get in touch please send us an email