1, January 2016

Quick – Quick – Slow… to Success

One of the things that I continually hear and read in personal development books is that successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly.

When analyzing this statement I realize that it all comes down to taking risk, a reasonable risk for the particular circumstances we are in and the ‘severity’ of the decision.

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If we stop or freeze and do nothing (stay static) nothing will change. if we over analyze or think too much we tend to freeze as we become so emotionally involved with having the right outcome. If we give some time to analyze the situation, reflect on what outcome we really want then be decisive we have a great chance of success since we can always adjust our direction after examining early results.

Obviously this is far more advantageous than not making a decision. Even if we make the wrong decision at least we are moving and once we’re moving it will be easily detected that we either need to change our course or continue to go on the same path. If we haven’t taken action we would not know. Also if we wait too long and then take action based on fear we are likely to panic at any sign of discourse and change our mind and look for another solution.. and the cycle begins again.

One school of thought is,  that taking 100% imperfect action is far more better than taking no action at all. Making quick decisions based on our experience and of course common sense, then following through, will always be better then “stuttering”.

Probably the biggest fear of all those who make slow decisions is that any decision they make may lead to bad results or failure. This ‘fear’ will actually prevent success.

The fear of getting it wrong, the fear of being slammed by others, of looking stupid is really a trait of habitual failure.

Just think about it , everybody’s current situation is a result of the decisions that were made either in recent or distant past. So why is it that common thread for all successful peopleis being able to make quick decisions? Surely we would need to take our time and analyze th whole situation to make sure we are making the right decision for the outcomes that we are looking for?

Well it seems that decisiveness is the key factor. The ability to weigh up a situation quickly and accurately. To apply good logic with common sense without emotion or fear. One has to make decisions in a timely manner then take action. It’s easier to turn a moving ship then it is to turn a stationary ship.


If we want success we must become decisive and there are several recommended steps that we can follow.

Step 1. We must know what we are trying to accomplish. There must be a specific destination we’re heading for.

Step 2. We must identify several alternative courses of action. We must understand and examine all possibilities that can get us to the destination we require.

Step 3. We can then evaluate / investigate or examine each course of action. We must list and weigh out the pros and cons of each possible action. We need to be mindful of all the important factors, ie time, money, safety etc..

Step 4.  This is the time where a decisive action needs to be taken. At this point a decision must be made. This is the most important step. Make a decision immediately and move into action

The whole process of the four steps can take a few seconds or a few days depending on how simple or complicated the situation.

I would encourage everyone to study these four steps and apply them to every important decision that you make. This will help you become more decisive and therefore more successful.

Remember it is our lives that we are affecting and the reality we experience is actually the results of the decisions we make or we fail to make.

Using these four steps and improving your decisiveness skills can drastically improve your life. Make 2016 a year of decisiveness!