19, December 2015

Advice to Young artists

Discover your artistic nature and decide:

Maybe you have worked out that you are an artist. You have discovered your ‘inner genius’ and have decided to pursue a career orĀ young artistsbusiness with your talent. If you are a young artist struggling with direction, take heart.. there are plenty of ‘you’ in the same position. Some would say that artists should be passionate to a fault which makes it a possible obsession. You have to be totally absorbed in your art and breathe and think about your work 24 hours a day. Others disagree.

I believe it depends on your Nature. I know artists whose work excels when operating from an essentialism state of mind. They work sporadically and only when inspired. They do NOT spend hours thinking about their art, they are not obsessed, thus allowing their minds to be uncluttered, a clean canvass ready for the real art to emerge.

How do you know if you are an artist? Marina Abramovich, Serbian performance artist believes you are a real artist only if you feel compelled or have a strong internal urge to express.
Great artists she says must be always taking risks and be prepared to fail. Always looking into unknown territory for the creative juices to flow and produce.

Watch the video below where 8 mature artists give advice to the younger generation hoping to make a living from their art.

Here are some of the advice’s given:

Some believe you can only take in or ‘receive’ advice that you already know. Or that it depends on the relationship and the interaction between the person giving the advice and the person receiving it.

Rock singer, Patti Smith says above all build and protect your name because over time that will become your currency.
Another singer strongly advises not to undervalue your own artistic satisfaction.
One reminds us that you are doing what you do, better than what any one else can do.
Be sensitive to your surroundings and circumstances and just cut to the bone is some more advice.

Petsyclopedia says be sure you want to pursue your uniqueness or ‘sillyness‘ as a way to earn your living (ie: become a professional), and know that dedication and persistence are essential.
Also be sure that money is NOT your motivation but have a knowing that you want to spend most of your waking life expressing yourself through your art. If this is the case then you are about to embark on a journey through life doing what you love. Embrace and appreciate this fact everyday and know that 99% of the population will never be in that position.

Above all protect your attitude which is one aspect of your life that YOU have complete control over.
We congratulate and admire your courage and wish you abundance always.