Who Are WE

Hi there… i am KAW (my initials). I am hitting 60 soon and i needed a new word to distinguish between Universal TRUTH and Individualism – our own individualTRUTH…petsyclopedia


“Petsyclopedia” Definition = PET “your own”; Syclopedia “sillyness/uniqueness”

To clarify and to make a distinction between Truth (and there can only be ONE Truth)
and what is different for everyone, that is: a) meaning of Life; b) personal genius;
c)  everyone has a different life thumb print. ie has a different influence in their
own surroundings and community.. a uniqueness that he or she owns and that
no-one else has presently, past or in the future. UNIQUE for ever.

Literally it is your ‘Pet Psyche’ or your default character. The good news is we can
change our default character.

We Are All Entrepreneurs

Also “Petsyclopedia” –  is about the Genius inside of you, it’s about entrepreneurship which includes having a JOB.

Yes, every employee is an entrepreneur, using their own knowledge, circumstances and current desires to earn a living, progress and grow.

We can learn about our ‘petsyclopedia’ through other classic ‘Entrepreneurs’ as the world knows them here
Only those who are NOT learning or progressing  are NOT entrepreneurs. The rest of us ARE!!

So be encouraged and Let’s get moving.. Go Here to Learn from the GREATS… You will learn how to change your petsyclopedia from these individuals who have learned how to master and change their own uniqueness’s…. this is what i will be focusing on in the website.


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