11, January 2016

Third world Entrepreneurs

Eco Friendly entrepreneurs.

I have several friends who have chosen to uproot themselves from their home culture and country and take up residence in Asia,  like a friend of mine at a Bali Dentist clinic in Indonesia.. Click here to see website.
Many like my friend have taken advantage of the growing medical tourism industry and applied their business skills to help medical professionals build their business.

But the majority have done this to pursue their own ‘syclopedia’, their own ‘silliness’ in an eco-friendly pursuit.
One individual from the US peace Corp in particular settled in a DSCN1147city in a SE Asian country where it’s residence are committed to recycling plastic bags before they get to the public rivers, beaches and even before they reach the regular rubbish dump tips.

She ended up using her skills to coordinate and manage an efficient recycling program which ended up with a production line of viable products (fashionable and practical bags) which could be sold on a commercial basis.

Making a Difference

“Making a Difference” is a common reason for starting a business and is a growing ‘petsyclopedia’.

In fact Asia is fast becoming the region to start up such projects, mainly due to the flexibility of rules and regulations. (most developed nations have laws in place limiting eco friendly / alternative technology ventures)

Here is a list of projects i have heard of:

a – Using recycled plastic waste to manufacture Plastic pallets for warehouses
b – recycled plastic bags to make beach bags / hand bags etc (1 beach bag uses 400 to 600 avge size plastic bags)
c – using plastic waste to produce fuel like gasoline and diesel.
d – bio-fuel – developing and efficient electric generator which runs on all waste.
e – developing a technology that converts saline water to palatable water with little or no toxic waste (90%+ efficient) (Any waste can also be used as a combustible fuel with zero toxic waste)
f – conversion of sewage waste to palatable water
g – recycling of waste materials and converting to every day useful objects.
@ waste plastic sachets(for coffee, washing liquid etc) used to make bags, boxes, hats, brief cases etc.

@ waste glass bottles used to make drinking glasses, Christmas trees and many other paraphernalia.

@ waste lollipop stick to make food trays
@ waste paper to make plates, cups etc.

The list can go on and on… we can find uses for any recycled material.

Apparently, pursuing something that is of good use to the world and ‘making a difference’ is very rewarding as far as job satisfaction goes, AND it seems that it can be also commercially viable.

Why not try it out?

PS: if you are wondering what petsyclopedia stands for check out Who We Are and our welcome post